I'm Red; a sometimes writer, most-times procrastinator living in Manchester, UK.

If you asked my friends for words to describe
me they would probably say: "tetris", "bananas", "orcs". And they would be correct.

Things I don't wait to leave are: games of Dungeons & Dragons, a good cup of coffee, time spent with my guinea pigs nestled under my chin, meticulous tasks and trips to falafel bars. (Although it is embarrassing how long it took me to think of that very brief list.)

My most notable achievement is that I am four years sober. My least notable achievement is that I learnt how to apply eyeliner at the age of thirty.

"The only way I keep afloat...is by working....Directly I stop working I feel that I am sinking down, down. And as usual, I feel that if I sink further I shall reach the truth."

And of course, I'm the sort of person to quote Virginia Woolf.